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What Is SMS Marketing?

Short message server (SMS) marketing is about getting your firm's message out via text messaging using a cell phone. In short, SMS marketing is done using a mobile device to handover marketing communication to interest clients. It's an area that is gaining a great deal of consideration by businesses both small and large. Which of course is comprehensible, considering in 2020 it's predicted that 90% of the world population will have a mobile phone. Mobile Internet usage is taking over system’s (laptop/desktop) internet usage. Which makes sense, considering that already more searches are done through mobile device versus a desktop computer. SMS marketing is one of the more direct and personal forms of marketing, but how do you know if it's right for your profession?

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Sociale Butterfly In SMS/WhatsApp Marketing

While it is accurate that clients rarely accept any texts from productions and the fee is pennies per text messages, especially if bought in bulk, as a business it's important to do your due diligence before jumping in. Benefits of SMS marketing are:
  • You get the opportunity to a larger consumer base at once in a positive way.
  • Not only text but you can use rich-media to present your brand in WhatsApp campaigns.
  • WhatsApp’s broadcast list feature allows sending multiple messages to a large contact list at once without selecting them manually.
  • Text and WhatsApp messages reaches to maximum audience at minimum time that no other marketing tool can assure.

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Sociale Butterfly SMS/WhatsApp Marketing Services

    #1: Larger Audience

    With Sociale Butterfly, your marketing messages reach to a larger number of audiences in no time and in a most attractive and cost-effective way. Our SMS/WhatsApp marketing assures of maximum message delivery that no one else can do.

    #2: Higher reach

    We have a saved contact list of thousands of users for each sector who will receive your marketing message. We have a separate list for each sector that helps us deliver your messages to the most potential users only.

    #3: Effective message design

    We use effective message design to send your message in a most attractive way to your audience. We also good content in the messages which attracts customers interest and helps to generate a lead out of it.

    #4: Extensive research

    Before starting your campaign, we carry out an extensive research to identify the most potential buyers of your products. This helps us in targeting maximum potential clients and designing the message.

    #5: Performance Tracking

    We offer complete WhatsApp performance report to our customers on the basis of delivered message, read message and sent messages. This helps you and your business in identifying the success of message rate.

    #6: Budget packages

    With us, you and your business have the opportunity to subscribe maximum marketing benefits at a minimum rate. Our rates are much cheaper than the other provider yet we offer the best in class SMS marketing services to all of our clients.

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Things To Remember For SMS Marketing

These are only procedures, be sure to get in touch with an advocate to ensure that you have fulfilled all your legal responsibilities before venturing into this marketing medium, it's your duty to understand the relevant laws. Setup, Create, and Start Your Operation, once you've collected your phone numbers, confirmed that you have followed all your legal responsibilities you can start your SMS marketing campaign. We would recommend taking help from a good service provider like Sociale Butterfly to ensure that you are able to track the return on investment for your operation, embed an unsubscribe message, and easily manage your bulk SMS marketing database including unsubscribes.

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