Web Development

What is Web Development?

Today Internet is reaching far areas. A website is like a Menu of a restaurant. This is the first level of interaction a customer has with a brand at times. A responsive website with a user experience in focus increases the chances of user diving deep to know more. This increases the probability of conversions. This holds true for most of the businesses these days.

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Why US
  • Focus on having an alignment of basic design elements and the business and brand of the customer. This is very important in current market because website has a strong influence on user interactions.
  • There are different devices used to access internet these days and a website giving a seamless experience across devices is important.
  • User experience popularly known as UX is an industry in itself however we have tried keep the basics in order. We have a strong understanding of CTAs their placements, increasing the user stickiness with websites.
  • Content is generated fresh with the help of using some anti plagiarism techniques. This is the basic criteria for a good page rank.

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      Understand the Business of customer, Brand, vision, strategy, competitor landscape.

      Responsibility matrix for both customer and us.

      Research in detail to identify the frames and designs to be used.

      Approval from customer.

      Deep dive into content development. Customer is in driver seat in this phase of development.

      Test the options with customer in draft phase.

      Launch the final draft.

      DSupport as per suitability of customer.

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